Armed Security

Hire the Best Armed Security to Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Family and Your Personal and/or Commercial Assets.

Kupata Protection Services (formerly BAA Security) provides protection services to Corporations, Families, and/or Individuals, i.e., Private Security Services. Over the last six years, BAA Security, now Kupata Protection Services, has provided the Gold Standard in security services to an ever expanding customer base in the Southern California market. BAA recently changed its name to Kupata Protection Services to reflect the expansion of our security service offerings, which now includes both Armed and Unarmed Security Professionals.

The Founder of Kupata Protection Services, is an experienced, highly qualified and well respected retired police officer who served with distinction in a major metropolitan police department. He has a wealth of experience in several essential areas, including Narcotics, Crime Scene Reporting and Investigation, Workplace Safety and Security, and Mental Health Assessments.

Kupata Protection Services employs some of the most highly trained and respected Armed Security Professionals in the Southern California Region. Kupata Armed Security Professionals are specifically trained to protect lives, property and assets.

Kupata Protection Services is headquartered in Long Beach, California. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why should you hire us?

Our team was created with two goals in mind–your Safety and Security.
Kupata Protection Services’ rates are highly competitive and affordable when compared to other security companies.
We provide a free, no obligation estimate upon request.

If you require our Armed Security Services, please call us now at (562) 505-5939