UnArmed Security

Know More about Getting Protection Through Unarmed Security

Kupata Protection Services (formerly BAA Security) has excelled in the field of Security Services since its inception. Our team is expert at creating safe and secure environments for our clients using both Armed and Unarmed Security Professionals. Our Unarmed Security Professionals have years of specialized training in how to diffuse and de-escalate tense and/or unpleasant situations and effective mediation techniques designed to reach peaceful, non-violent resolutions, whenever possible.

Qualities of an Effective Unarmed Security Professional

  • Alertness for Early Detection: Our Unarmed Security Professionals must be constantly alert to potentially suspicious behavior. Our Unarmed Security Professionals are trained to always remain alert and keep a keen eye on the environment to be secured to ensure early detection of potential problems and/or concerns.
  • Reflexes for Quick Response: Our Unarmed Security Professionals are particularly well suited to respond quickly and efficiently to all potential security scenarios. This is done by exhaustive research and threat assessments and simulations.
  • Approachability: To be effective, Unarmed Security Professionals must be approachable and have the training and ability to make the clients feel safe and secure in their presence.
  • Reliability:Kupata Protection Services recruits the majority of our Unarmed Security Professionals from major metropolitan police forces. Our Security Professionals go through stringent background checks and have a history of providing exemplary security protection services.
  • Tech Savvy: The greatest weapon that an Unarmed Security Professional possesses, in addition to his or her intellect, is the latest technology for de-escalating potentially tense situations. Kupata Protection Services takes pride in the steps that we have taken for providing state of the art technology for efficient, non-violent situation management.

If you require the services of our Unarmed Security Professionals, please call us now at (562) 505-5939 so that we can analyze and customize your security needs.